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Suk Suk Film Review from The Hollywood Reporter

Hong Kong veteran Tai Bo and Golden Horse award winner Ben Yuen headline Ray Yeung’s endearing and quietly angry gay twilight romance. As time has gone by and we’ve all become more enlightened creatures (ahem), sensitive to those around us, formerly taboo subjects have become a little less so. Interracial romance, age gaps (usually involving …

Suk Suk: The Film Stage Review

Queer cinema has made great strides in recent years, allowing every letter on the LGBT-banner to be prominently represented at major film festivals worldwide. In terms of representation, however, the issue of ageism still needs to be redressed. Whether it’s Elio and Oliver in Call Me by Your Name, the proudly bisexual titular heroine of …

‘Suk Suk’ Rights Picked up by Films Boutique

World sales rights to gay drama “Suk Suk” picked up by Films Boutique, on the eve of the film’s world premiere at the 2019 Busan International Film Festival.   Read more

Suk Suk World Premiere at the 24th Busan International Film Festival

Suk Suk paints a delicate picture of the lives and issues of identity that two men face in their golden years. Carefully interweaving the issues of neglect and helplessness of elderly men with the problems of isolation and discrimination that inflicted on sexual minorities, the film captures with a warm gaze the joy of life, …

HAF Goes to Cannes

To open the door to the international film community, the Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) is proud to collaborate with Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes to present the “HAF Goes to Cannes” program, and bring five projects from the Work-in-Progress (WIP) program for presentation and pitching at the Cannes Film Festival …

Ray Yeung Opens Closet With New Film at Asian Project Market

Writer/director Ray Yeung was reading about Hong Kong men in the 60-70 age group that were married and in the closet and decided to interview some of them. The interviews crystallized into the screenplay for “Suk Suk,” one of the projects vying for coin at the Busan Asian Project Market. The film will follow two men in …